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25 июня 2015 г.

#100HAPPYDAYS: DAY #25 My Morning with Elizabeth Gilbert

Утро 25 дня из #100HappyDays началось в 8:54 со звонка от сотрудника интернет-магазина "MakeUp". Вчера обнаружила, что у меня заканчивается все, вплоть до геля для душа. Пришлось делать заказ. Завтра привезут мне много "вкусняшек".

Обычно в 9 утра я еще смотрю красивые сны. Так как уснуть мне не удалось, мозг затребовал продолжение сновидений. Я налила чай, открыла книгу Элизабет Гилберт и еще на часик погрузилась в другой мир. Я люблю "Eat, Pray, Love", я боюсь прочитать ее быстро, поэтому растягиваю удовольствие и наслаждаюсь каждой строкой. Читаю только в оригинале! Первая часть, когда Лиз была в Европе, меня покорила. Как же красиво она описала жизнь в Италии...

Вот один из любимых абзацев:
«I walked home to my apartment and soft-boiled a pair of fresh brown eggs for my lunch. I peeled the eggs and arranged them on a plate beside the seven stalks of the asparagus (which were so slim and snappy they didn't need to be cooked at all). I put some olives on the plate, too, and the four knobs of goat cheese I'd picked up yesterday from the formaggeria down the street, and two slices of pink, oily salmon. For dessert-a lovely peach, which the woman at the market had given to me for free and which was still warm from the Roman sunlight. For the longest time I couldn't even touch this food because it was such a masterpiece of lunch, a true expression of the art of making something out of nothing. Finally, when I had fully absorbed the prettiness of my meal, I went and sat in a patch of sunbeam on my clean wooden floor and ate every bite of it, with my fingers, while reading my daily newspaper article in Italian. Happiness inhabited my every molecule.
«Until-as often happened during those first months of travel, whenever I would feel such happiness-my guilt alarm went off. I heard my ex-husband's voice speaking disdainfully in my ear: So this is what you gave up everything for? This is why you gutted our entire life together? For a few stalks of asparagus and an Italian newspaper?
I replied aloud to him. "First of all," I said, "I'm very sorry, but this isn't your business anymore. And secondly, to answer your question… yes.»
А это - одна из любимых цитат:
"The Bhagavad Gita - that ancient Indian Yogic text - says that it is better to live your own destiny imperfectly than to live an imitation of somebody else's life with perfection."Elizabeth Gilbert, Eat, Pray, Love

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