инстаграм йога

Всем привет! Кто-нибудь из вас занимается йогой? Как долго? Если честно, я несколько раз задумывалась о том, чтобы заняться йогой, но так никогда и не дошла до зала. Я ничего не смыслю в йоге, в медитациях, во всех этих позах и странных названиях, однако когда вижу фотографии людей во всех этих сумасшедших позах, они меня просто завораживают. Возможно, когда-нибудь я все же я попробую... А сегодня топ 10 нереальных аккаунтов в Instagram для тех, кто любит и занимается йогой.

1. @Bananablondie108

Мишель занимается не только йогой, но и воспитанием двух деток. Красивые фотографии, много видео с классной музыкой и, конечно же, нереальные позы.

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2. @kinoyoga

Больше миллиона фолловеров и более 20 лет занятия йогой. Здесь есть, на что посмотреть и чем вдохновиться!

3. @koyawebb

Койя - инструктор по йоге и эксперт в акройоге (акробатика + йога). Очень красивые фотографии и локации.

Peace begins with choosing LOVE over Fear. -Koya ---- What are triggers that disturb your peace? Mine are heavy traffic, social injustice and constant negativity. How do we deal with these situations? I see them as opportunities to practice peace of mind and spiritual growth. ---- When I'm in heavy traffic I've learned to listening to a podcast or having my own in-car dance party brings me back to love and peace of mind. When others see me they can't help but laugh at me bouncing all over my car. Those of u that follow me on Snap have seen the positive effect this has on others in the same reality. ---- Recently plastered social injustices by police, the presidential situation, and other worldwide issues really keep me up at night. I remember seeing a thread of videos and crying myself to sleep 3 nights straight. I was completely saturated in fear and started to loose faith in humanity. When I get to this point I know prayer is the only thing that will bring me to peace. I always ask the same question "God, what can I do?" The answer came so quick it startled me "Use your voice" as if the universe had been holding its breath just waiting for me to ask. We ALL have a VOICE and VOTE in life. We have to choose LOVE OVER FEAR if we want PEACE. The CHOICE is CLEAR. I've learned if I pay attention to this one simple universal truth I'll make the right choices in life and negatively doesn't bother me as much because I've found peace within by doing my part. ---- Day 3 of our #GetLovedUp challenge with @Nayitavp and I sponsored by @aloyoga@toesox @sunwarriortribe @liforme and @getlovedup is #PEACE 💞 ----- What are your triggers that disturb your peace?
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4. @yogarachael

22-летняя Рейчл завела аккаунт Instagram в этом году, но уже сумела завоевать сердца более 137 тысяч человек.

a repost + another image of today's #FoundationsOfYoga posture. SUCH A GOOD STRETCH!! two-ish years ago I was challenged to hold this "Yogi Squat" for 5 min a day. Seemed simple until I got into it lol 30 seconds and I was dying. but with consistent practice I eventually got to my 5 min mark , and then 10 , 15 , and now 20. I challenge you all to practice this ! If your hips feel like they're about to snap off your body, then grab a little step stool, some pillows, yoga blocks, WHATEVER to scoot under your butt for a little support. Keep that chest up and those feet flat. Start off at 15 seconds and work your way up, adding all your time until it equals 5 min! You got this! Excited to explore this + some cool flows with my 6pm class tonight in the Bronx! If you're in the area come thruu ! (for all class info, follow the link in my bio)
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5. @tarastiles

У Тары, инструктора по йоге, своя студия в Нью-Йорке, а также в Таиланде и Австралии.

Tomorrow we head to London-Dubai-Berlin and a few other adventures in between for Strala Intensive in London, a fab event with @reebokmena in Dubai and Strala Ready-to-Lead in Berlin. Oh, and I'll be at @omyogashow in London also so make sure to get tickets there since our Strala events in London are at capacity. Join me in Dubai on Saturday October 15th. My Reebok friends are giving away some tickets for some of you. Just post a pic of you in your favorite creative yoga move and tag #ReebokMena #PerfectNever 10 yogis will be picked to join in. Hope to see you there! Also join us in Berlin. We have a bit of space left if you'd like to do your Ready-to-Lead. It will be my last one before the baby comes. Next one is October 2017 in Amsterdam. Can't wait to see you across the pond and beyond soon! #stralayoga #BeMoreHuan #london #berlin #dubai #stralatraining
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6. @yoga_ girl

У Рейчл 2 миллиона подписчиков и ее смело можно назвать звездой йоги в Инстаграм. На данный момент Рейчл беременна, но ей это никак не мешает делать великолепные снимки и радовать своих фолловеров.

18 weeks pregnant today! Yay! This is an old photo - I'm not smiling like an idiot doing a hollow back handstand against a palm tree right now (like that's even remotely normal). I'm lying naked on top of the covers in my bed because even though the AC is on it's HOT AS HELL and I keep having these flashes of near-death satanic morning sweats. I can't breathe through my nose at all and somehow my sinuses are both completely blocked but my nose is running at the same time. It's like a cosmic joke. The nasal spray I've been using for the past months (yes, months) has probably burned its way through my sinuses by now so if I poke my nose I might reach all the way up to my brain. I'm exhausted even though I slept for ten hours and I have the weirdest dreams and wake up at least three times per night and my boobs hurt and I'm so very annoyed at everyone and EVERYTHING. Especially Dennis. And Donald Trump. But especially Dennis because a part of me feels like we should be trading places just for a little bit or at least he should be fanning me with a palm tree leaf feeding me grapes 24-7 but instead he insists on "working" which seems like a total waste of time to me. I mean he could be sitting here listening to me complain about all the things and instead he goes to work??? I. Can't. Even. Anywho. Pregnancy is "great" this week! I've been ranting about it on my blog a lot. Apologies in advance. www.rachelbrathen.com/blog #noglow #justsnot #bleh #preggo #grrr
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7. @laurasykora

Лора вместе со своей дочерью, которая частенько появляется в ее Инста-ленте, жить не может без йоги. Нереально позитивный аккаунт!

Фото опубликовано Laura Kasperzak (@laurasykora)

8. @gypsetgoddess

Кейтлин публикует просто сногсшибательные снимки, снятые в горах, на озерах, на морях и океанах. Уровень красоты зашкаливает!

9. @patrickbeach

Ну и куда же без мужчин?! Патрик ведет замечательный аккаунт. Красивое тело и море... Все, как я люблю!

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10. @stephynow

Стэфани делится личной жизню и огромной любовью к йоге. Очень милый аккаунт!

Sometimes my heart hurts. This is the hardest business I've ever been in. I think it's because it's the only business I've put my heart in. Working in office management, it's a daily clocking in of tasked duties. It's the same. Mistakes are minimal, it's systematic. Grab your coffee and go. Teaching yoga. It feels like I'm putting my heART into the world. I think of it like coaching. I grew up as an athlete, the tom-boy girl with the short hair and big teeth; I looked to my coaches to guide me. A coach is the one rooting for others, engaging and challenging people to bring out the most in themselves. Breathing together, uniting, even when it's hard and shaky. There's a release, together, we take you there, all you have to do is invite yourself onto your mat. There's so much that takes place moving with breath. It counts on your spirit to go forth. It is loving and nurturing. Sometimes the greatest release comes from the ability to sit in a class. I get to be a witness to your beauty and sometimes I have so few words but am in awe of you; beyond beautiful to witness. The business of teaching is a struggle. I sway on the lines of uncertainty. The countless background conversations. Judgment. Negotiations. Contracts. It feels like combat. Being told what I teach is not yoga. Not to post on social media. I shouldn't talk about certain things. Or that I need to talk more about things. I'm too much or not enough. Behind-the-scenes of teaching makes me tired and hurts my heart sometimes. I want to shake this world and ask, "can't we all just get along?!" And share big-ass-love! And then I remember there's a reason I'm here, why I started. What this practice holds for me and my healing. I return and kneel. It's the front-line stuff; connecting with students, the support system of a small group of senior teachers, and the love we co-create is what matters. Lately, I've been turning to these moments and to the lovers. Kind teachers. You teach me more than I can ever express. My breathless yoga family and my OneOeight tribe. My students, who are my greatest teachers. Near, far, and wide, I find strength and courage through you. Thank you.
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На этом все!
Надеюсь, я была вам чем-то полезна. Всем здоровья и прекрасного настроения!